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> << I think I may be the only person on the board who liked it A LOT!  

Oh, no you are not. I liked it a lot as well, and will probably go and see 
the film again.
I think that is the crux.`SEE THE FILM`. I think we have been seduced by the 
extravaganza, the sets,. the dancing. Fantastic!.  
I bought the music of a  selection of the tunes a few days ago and there 
really isn`t that much to them  and they are similar.
Today I have had the chastening experience of being told by Wendy to `Whistle 
a different tune, for heavens sake`. I had just whistled, Mr Cellophane, All 
that Jazz, and Razzle Dazzle, and I dont whistle that badly. When you look at 
them they ARE pretty much alike.

I dont think Bill Haesler was right to put  the show down quite so firmly but 
I would certainly agree with him that it doesnt hold a candle tune wise 
(Arghh!) to the top musicals such as  Paint your Wagon, Carousel, Pajama 
Game, Music Man, Annie get your gun etc.,

Bill also trailed his coat by  panning Moulin Rouge.  I loved Moulin Rouge, 
again not for the tunes but for the cinematography. I thought that the first 
15 minutes was the most exciting  visual experience I had ever experienced in 
the cinema. Enhanced by the music, certainly, but as a complete visual and 
aural package, superb.

Talking of being seduced....that Zeta Jones.........sigh...


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