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Tue Mar 18 22:46:00 PST 2003

I think I may be the only person on the board who liked it A LOT!  Around our 
house it is known as THE movie. We have seen it many times. "When You're Good 
To Mama" and "And All That Jazz" is in my group's play list, with a couple 
more tunes coming. 

True, the formal musical comedy arrangements are not OKOM, but loads of 
Broadway tunes (and many tin pan alley tunes) over the years have evolved 
into jazz classics. The gritty attitude of the movie & the irreverent 
treatment of the material is a delightful departure from the sappy vanilla 
ice cream & angel food cake musicals of the past. To me, this revives the 
great attitude of OKOM from the jazz era.

It is the only mass market musical event I can remember that exposes to the 
world to music from an era many of us love. Apparently the financial support 
from my own household is just about the only validation the movie has 
received from this board. 

Then again, I also like classical, romantic, modern, baroque, polkas, bebop, 
big band & blues. Note this is my opinion only. Also note I have said nobody 
on this board is wrong. Also note this is not a personal attack of anybody. 
No flames please. Feel free to attack my opinions, but please do not attack 

Tom Loeb
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