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willc willc at nova.edu
Thu Mar 13 00:59:34 PST 2003

Oh, dear.

I endured 45 minutes of Chicago, then walked out. While I'm not keen to
pop another $7.50 senior citizen's weekday matinee admission, I may,
after all the hurrah comments from people whose opinions I respect, have
to do so. But you may be sure I won't haul my tub of popcorn in until
the flick's been running for at least 45 minutes.

Nancy Giffin wrote:
> >   From: "Bill Haesler" <bhaesler at nsw.bigpond.net.au>
> [excerpts]
> >   Dear Pat, Elazar and Jim B
> >   (and others who took issue with my 'Chicago- the musical' put-down).
> >   I have not seen the film...
> AHA!
> >   However, last year we did go to the brilliantly produced stage production
> >   here in Sydney (at $90 a ticket, which hurt!)
> DOUBLE AHA! (and ouch!)
> My dear Bill, don't let the sting of that mis-spent $90 ruin it for you.
> This picture can be very good for the future of OKOM, so we should promote
> it, esp. to younger folks. Roger Krum would be wise to find a Sacramento
> dance studio interested in performing "All That Jazz" as an opener for their
> larger venues, making sure the local newspaper has a photo of a dress
> rehearsal to grace the cover of their entertainment section, thereby drawing
> a whole new audience to the Jubilee. ;)
> >   Why would I bother with the film version (even at seniors' club prices)?
> Yes, Bill, I understand you and other OKOMers may have complaints about the
> music, but this is not merely a soundtrack; it's a movie, and the pleasure
> of the visuals might counter any DIS-pleasure from the music.
> I'm hoping my sex/drugs/rock 'n roll siblings will see this movie and come
> away with a different attitude towards our "Dad's music." I've tried
> unsuccessfully to convey to them how much there is to this music, including
> sex appeal. Now enter the movie, "Chicago," stage right: I'm sure that after
> they view (experience!) the opening scene, I won't need to say any more. I
> myself sat there watching it last Saturday, and I thought, "Jeez! If this is
> how the rest of the movie is going to be, then I'll be wanting to grab my
> date and leave," though not for the same reason Bill wanted to leave! ;)
> Go see it, Bill my friend, and if you don't like it, I'll send you a refund.
> Love and hugs,
> Nancy
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