[Dixielandjazz] band vs. records

James Kashishian kash at ran.es
Sun Mar 16 12:46:34 PST 2003

We experienced, once again, the problem when a live band is combined
with recorded music.  That is to say, disco stuff being put on in the
band's break.

We've had this happen numerous times at weddings, and last nite, at a
dinner/dance.  The band plays light swing Dixie, mainly, for these gigs,
with a few Charlestons tossed in, and maybe a bossa nova & something
like Watermelon Man for variety.  Those that really know how to dance do
so, but the I-wanna-only-wiggle-around crowd hang out until the break.  

The problem is, that if the band dared played at the volume the recorded
stuff gets played at, the band would be chucked out the door.  So, when
the band returns to the bandstand, it sounds sort of "dull" after all
the thump-thump-thump that's been going on at 110 dB!

I have solved the problem sometimes by being able to sell the band as
"an attraction", just doing a "show" (the invited artists!)  in the
middle of the recorded affair.  Or, have the band play first, followed
by the recorded stuff (while we happily slip out the rear door!).  

The band on/recorded stuff on/band on again thing is fairly disastrous
for the band itself.


p.s.  There was a large group of younger Americans at this dance last
nite. They were doing the line dance craze to their disco music.  If one
were to think about that type of dancing, you can see the lack of
creativity in it....where each and every one MUST do as the others.
Reminds me of the old news clips of thousands of Chinese doing the
company excersizes.

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