[Dixielandjazz] Re: fees and unions

Bill Haesler bhaesler at nsw.bigpond.net.au
Sat Mar 15 09:55:43 PST 2003

Dear Richard,
As requested.
Current Musician Union minimum rates per man (applicable to OKOM type bands here
in Sydney) at 3 March 2003:
3 hour call      $80.65
Leader (3 or more musicians)    $107.50.
Overtime. Before midnight (next 3 hours). Time & one half.
Overtime. After midnight. Double time.
And these 2 beauties. (Just try and get it).
Sundays. Double time.
Gazetted Public holidays. Double time and a half.
There are also extra rates for set up time, doubling, vocals, meal allowance (4
hour call) and PA allowance which , in reality, never apply to OKOM bands. 
The hard fact is that regular pub jobs, based on a 3 hour call, usually pay
$80-$100 per man. Negotiable.
Club and one off jobs (3 hour call) pay $100-$150 per man. Negotiable.
Private functions (2-3 hour call) can bring $150 per man plus, depending on your
negotiating skills.
Jazz festivals. Negotiable, I believe. We have yet to be invited to one.   
Kind regards,
PS: For our US friends.
Aust$1 = US$0.59
Regular unleaded petrol (gas) currently averages A$1.00 per litre. (4.5 litres =
1 gallon).

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