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jazzfact jazzfact at ozemail.com.au
Sat Mar 15 00:32:51 PST 2003

I just got an email with a hefty attachment from an Aussie Washboard
manufacturer. I converted to plain text and ditched the photos. I can
send the attachment to any interested it's 250 kb.=20


A truly musical washboard especially designed for the performer!

 McKnowall=92s Beaut Aussie Washboard features a time honoured =
design hand stamped to provide the =93ring=94 that players of renown =
always been seeking. Stamped from durable Zincalume for long life, the
riffleboard has tone zones so you can play the softest little riffs or
ratchet out the loudest washboard sound you=92ve ever heard simply by
moving your hands around the board.

The woodblock sound chamber resonates all of the washboard sounds and is
shaped to give you tonal variety from the woodblock itself.

With a frame made from quality Australian cabinet timbers, a soundblock
of legendary Australian hardwood and bonded with West System marine
epoxy adhesives, this instrument is designed to last forever, however,
knowing the nature of washboard players, the warranty is not quite that

McKnowall=92s Beaut Aussie Washboard comes complete with strap, clips, =
el cheapo thimbles and thimble bag for the astounding price of $160
Australian (+ p&p).

I also have thimbles from $1 ea ranging up to $6 ea depending on
quality. =20

Dealer enquiries welcome.

 CONTACT:              mcknowall at bigpond.com

Or phone John McDowall

0266 322450

Richard Stevens

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