[Dixielandjazz] fees and unions

jazzfact jazzfact at ozemail.com.au
Fri Mar 14 08:37:59 PST 2003

Hi All,

There is no active musicians union in Australia that I know of so we get
no help or hinderance from them. Fees here are a matter of commercial

How can a venue support a five or six piece band with say 140 customers.

Drinks, The margin on food and drinks is 300% gross, if each audient
pays say $10 for drinks = $1400 = $800 gross

Food, say 100 of those in the room eat a $14 meal= $1400 Gross $800

Total gross profit for the night $1600 subtract staff, rent, light,
licences superannuation, holiday pay, tax etc and you see what I mean.
Our long running jobs are all based on commercial reality. Bums on
seats, we promote our own gigs and work the crowd for the repeat
business. We have a list of our fans and send flyers promoting our
upcoming gigs. 

How do others on this list work?

Richard Stevens

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