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To me, that Berigan solo on Marie is just about the best I have ever heard
and, again, to me, ranks right up there with Potato Head Blues. Both are
very exciting solos which exhibit pure genius on the part of the player.
Burt Wilson

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I have them, just gotta type 'em up with the correct phrasing. I'll send
'em along tonight or tomorrow.
The sheet in my "30s-40s Fake Book" has the Berigan solo.


At 08:54 AM 3/13/2003 +1100, you wrote:
>Dear Dale,
>Oh my, here we go again!
>Just kidding.    8>)
>Why isn't the song "Marie" (Irving Berlin.1928) OKOM?
>It is not the tune, just a matter of interpretation.
>Our band used to play it, but it has been buried (but not forgotten) for a
>I worked out the band response lyrics once, and may have them somewhere on
>Do as I did. Listen and transcribe them from the Dorsey record. It is quite
>The clue is that the band's vocal response behind Jack Leonard uses titles
>other popular songs ("Girl Of My Dreams/Have A Little Faith In Me/Pettin'
>Park/ On A Night Like This/Livin' In A Great Big Way/etc")
>And who can forget the great solos from TB, Bunny Berigan and Bud Freeman
>Tommy Dorsey's version (Jan 1937).
>Kind regards,
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