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In Atlanta we have an in house booking agency which books our Union bands.
Also to available to all Union members is the MPTF (Music Performance Trust
Fund) which is sponsored by the recording industry. We receive about
$48,000.00 annually which goes in to the pockets of our members.
I've been involved in several discussions in the past about the "Union", but
for me personally, just being listed in the book is worth the price of

Dave Hanson
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> on 3/12/03 12:06 PM, BudTuba at aol.com at BudTuba at aol.com wrote:
> > It might be interesting to hear from DJML'ers who are members of the
> > musician's union and can attribute the union as to helping them actually
> > gigs.
> Why do I suspect that this will not be a long list of respondants?
> Charlie
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