[Dixielandjazz] freebees & lowering your price

James Kashishian kash at ran.es
Mon Mar 10 19:25:45 PST 2003

Nope, no freebees, and we try to stick to our price, based on the
particular gig.  
That "price" is somewhat floating, depending on who is paying, etc.  For
instance, one fan actually got a different price for his birthday party
than he did for playing for a company gig (his company!).  One thing is
a company expense...the other comes outa the pocket.  He was happy with

One particular wedding party we did a few years ago was presented to the
band as "ah, it's someone I know (drummer speaking)", and I was outvoted
on "yeah...we'll go in for half price".  Well, the gig was at a
full-blown castle.  Sit down meal for 500 people.  The Mercedes outside
weren't just everyday Mercedes....they were the best!  And, I counted
numerous Ferraris!!!

After that fiasco, I got the job of naming the price for gigs!   :>
I listen to what the person is saying about the gig...who's paying,
where it is being held, what it is for....and, base a price on that.

We don't do freebees, play for drinks, play for the door, or tips.  We
also have a great time playing.


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