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Dear Jim--
I did the Anne Davison video and the website where it can be purchased is
The video costs only $20 and it was a labor of love as you will see. I
assume you need a PAL version rather than an NTSC. I can get PAL and SECAM
versions done, but it costs extra (why can't there be only ONE video
system??) and I will check that out today and let you know what the extra
cost is. I will just pass it on to you.

I'm happy this video has brought so much enjoyment to jazz fans everywhere.

Burt Wilson
Silver Dollar Jazz Bang

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>Last night I saw the Anne Davison (wife of Wild Bill) video.. Lot's of
>fun information about life as jazz player in the 40's and 50's....
>were interesting stories about Condon's in NY.  Anne (IMHO) was a very
>gracious and CLASSY lady who accomplished miraclse in preserving a
>jazz treasure - Wild Bill.  Sorry we lost her last year.  She deserves
lot's of
>recognition and credit.
>Some great stories... some good music from Codon's ... just plain
>Gordon of Northridge
>PS - I have always thought that someone sitting down and interviewing the
>"old-timers" of jazz and capturing the stories and day-to-day antecdotes of
>"life as a jazz musician" in that era, would make for an interesting
>book/video.... These stories must abound in the musician lounges on the
>festival circuit.  Someone better get busy before it is too late.
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She certainly was a classy lady and -as you say - she kept William alive for
least an extra ten years.

Where does one get the video (in Brit format) from?
Jim Denham

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