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Sun Mar 9 19:10:06 PST 2003

Last night I saw the Anne Davison (wife of Wild Bill) video.. Lot's of good, 
fun information about life as jazz player in the 40's and 50's.... 
particularly were interesting stories about Condon's in NY.  Anne (IMHO) was 
a very gracious and CLASSY lady who accomplished miraclse in preserving a 
jazz treasure - Wild Bill.  Sorry we lost her last year.  She deserves lot's 
of recognition and credit.

Some great stories... some good music from Codon's ... just plain enjoyable.

Gordon of Northridge

PS - I have always thought that someone sitting down and interviewing the 
"old-timers" of jazz and capturing the stories and day-to-day antecdotes of 
"life as a jazz musician" in that era, would make for an interesting 
book/video.... These stories must abound in the musician lounges on the 
festival circuit.  Someone better get busy before it is too late.

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