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Bill Sergent wrote:

> > Case in point: I have been working for several years with a name big 
> > that is run by someone who can be cheap past intelligence. With this 
> > money can and does win out over musical quality. In the past year, 
> > been this drummer in our genre who is also a farmer in a state hundreds 
> > miles from our area. This guy makes good money with his farm and also 
> > afford to be away from it for periods of time.
> >
> > He took a cruise from me that I should have played because he bribed his
> > way onto the gig by helping to sell several cabins for the cruise . . .
> > then played for zippo. Just took another cruise from me because he 
> > to drive halfway across the US to the five day gig for free. Then he 
>took 2
> > nights last weekend from me here in Wisconsin, because he offered to 
> > up from Nebraska for free as a "vacation".

What is a job worth?

There are lots of definitions about what a job is worth. To listen to labor 
unions a job is worth what they say it is worth. They back it up with 
strikes and legal wrangling.

Some workers claim their jobs are always worth more than they are being paid 
and gripe long and loud about "rotten pay."

But all this aside . . . the best answer I've heard for the question, "What 
is a job worth" is the following:


That's it, troops - when you get right down to it, that's the bottom line.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill "The Economist" Gunter
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