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Last time Mary and I went to Adelaide, Australia to visit our younger son we
took a three day break in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Taxi fares there are fixed
by the government, they are so unbelievably cheap that it doesn't make sense
to travel around the city by any other means. After our first taxi ride I
paid the driver and tried to give him a tip - however he seemed to be
visibly shaken by my offer and steadfastly refused to take it. I have no
idea why and did not make the same mistake again.

Jazz content - I got to play with a terrific big band in Sydney (listmate
Bill Haesler was also in tow that night pressing numerous pints of beer upon

John Farrell
stridepiano at tesco.net

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> Hi,
> re tipping. I had an unusual experience yesterday.
> I had a British Telephone engineer at my home to install a further
> to the internal phone system.
> Unfortunately the paperwork he had been supplied with was wrong and
> a different installation. Now, he could have said `I cant go outside my
> written instruction` and packed up. However he was reasonable and decided
> do the job I wanted and sort out the paperwork with his employer later.
> He finished the job and as he was leaving I offered him a tip.
> Thank you Sir` he said ` but I make it a rule not to accept tips. I am
> to do my job. If you wish to make a donation, make it to the Wiltshire Air
> Ambulance. (Our local Helicopter Ambulance is maintained mainly through
> public donations).
>  A man of principle Now that is not met every day.
> Cheers
> PatL


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