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Sat Mar 8 07:15:42 PST 2003

re tipping. I had an unusual experience yesterday.
I had a British Telephone engineer at my home to install a further extension 
to the internal phone system.
Unfortunately the paperwork he had been supplied with was wrong and described 
a different installation. Now, he could have said `I cant go outside my 
written instruction` and packed up. However he was reasonable and decided to 
do the job I wanted and sort out the paperwork with his employer later.
He finished the job and as he was leaving I offered him a tip.

Thank you Sir` he said ` but I make it a rule not to accept tips. I am paid 
to do my job. If you wish to make a donation, make it to the Wiltshire Air 
Ambulance. (Our local Helicopter Ambulance is maintained mainly through 
public donations).

 A man of principle Now that is not met every day.


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