[Dixielandjazz] "The Public" (was Tips)

Anton Crouch a.crouch at unsw.edu.au
Sat Mar 8 13:56:32 PST 2003

Hello all

JazzJerry wrote:

"There is also the strange situation where under British licensing laws you 
are not allowed to charge admission to a public bar in a pub!"

The same situation applies in Australia, although some hotels (Oz for
"pub") get around the law by setting-up a section of the place as a
"private" venue.

The law is not "strange" however. A pub is a public place and a public bar
is a public place. It is an affront to the principle of "the public" to
attempt to charge admission to a public place. As Richard Sennett notes,
"Public Man" may have fallen but is not yet dead.

We share public space but it belongs to all of us, all the time.

Yes, I know - I'm being naive and unrealistic.

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