[Dixielandjazz] Re: Albums for budding jazz musicians

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 7 11:11:12 PST 2003

Dave  in Ozark Missouri wrote:

"If you were going to make some suggestions of listening examples to a
budding high school aged jazz musician, what albums (CDs) would you choose?
I'm looking for small group (quartet, quintet, sextet) trumpet and rhythm
section, sax and rhythm, or bone and rhythm section (or something close) CD
suggestions and not necessarily the really old stuff...maybe 1940 - 1990.
I'm just looking for the artist and CD title. Got any ideas for good
listening material to inspire young musical minds? Thanks, all."

Hi Dave:

IMO get some Kenny Davern albums. "East Side West Side" first choice,  or
"Smiles", or anything of the last decade with his quintet or sextet. They are on

1. The music swings like crazy  (Kenny + great sidemen and great rhythm sections)

2. It is relatively recent and the type of music that appeals to young folks more
readily than ODJB, Kid Ory et al. and their following style bands.

3. Davern is a melodic player as well as a living link to the past and the
evolution of the the music. His precision and ideas appeal to the kind of talented
kids we hear these days.

If interest develops, after that, go for Condon stuff, and the works of guitarists
like Bucky Pizzerelli, Howard Alden, and Frank Vignola. Especially Vignola's
latest work with the trio whose work is based upon the Hot trio of Grapelli,
Reinhardt, but so  eminently fresh. CD Name escapes me, but it is a very recent
Sony CD about which I posted a NY Times review a week or so ago.

Once again, IMO, may not agree with others.

Steve Barbone

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