[Dixielandjazz] Listening suggestions?

dixielandjazz dixielandjazz at myexcel.com
Fri Mar 7 06:22:21 PST 2003

Hi Gang,

If you were going to make some suggestions of listening examples to a
budding high school aged jazz musician, what albums (CDs) would you choose?
I'm looking for small group (quartet, quintet, sextet) trumpet and rhythm
section, sax and rhythm, or bone and rhythm section (or something close) CD
suggestions and not necessarily the really old stuff...maybe 1940 - 1990.
I'm just looking for the artist and CD title. Got any ideas for good
listening material to inspire young musical minds? Thanks, all.

"It's a treat to beat your feet."
The Creole Dixieland Jazz Band
Ozark, Missouri

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