[Dixielandjazz] USN Trombone

John Wolfe n2xbw at northnet.org
Fri Mar 7 08:31:02 PST 2003

I am posting this to see if anyone can help me fix a date 
and possible value to a trombone, which belonged to my late mother.
It is a silver-plated very lightweight 'bone with the following bell 
inscription: Made By Grand Rapids Band Inst Co Grand Rapids Mich
then below that: U.S.N. (in Block Letters)

It has a number stamped on the back of the water key handle: 13752
It has a King 11C Mp, the slide works smoothly and there is no case.
There are no dings, the finish is maybe 50%. There is evidence of a 
little "pliers work" at the joint between bell and slide. It must 
have once been set in hard. I can post photos on my website if 
anyone is interested. 

I suspect it is WWII vintage but cannot be sure.

Any Ideas? Thanks for any assistance in advance.

Keep on a-Huffin'
Johnny "Big Bad" Wolfe 
<n2xbw at northnet.org>

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