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> Actually, to request a tune from a band and not attempt 
> >> to tip is gauche as I see it. 
Hi ,
I think that tipping in the UK is not a regular thing. I know I am constantly 
surprised when in America at the size and frequency of tipping.

A| tip here would be generally 10% although for some unknown reason this is 
beginning to creep up to 12.5%.
Taxis, restaurants and for some totally obscure reason, hairdressers expect a 
tip, and that is about it.
In the States I have been pursued into the street by a waitress who 
considered that I had undertipped her.
Tipping is for service above and beyond the call of duty. Not a device to 
allow  employers to pay low wages. If staff dont get a proper wage, see the 
Union, not me


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