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> Sudhalter's book used Phil Evans original research to develop "Bix: Man &
> Legend". Phil complained that Sudhalter altered the facts to present a more
> colorful story and added conversations which could not be documented. I
> prefer the Evans book because he doesn't tell the story - he let's the
> evidence, the documents, and the extensive interviews tell the story

   I have a quarrel with this statement about Dick Sudhalter                  
                                                     "altering the facts to 
present a more colorful story."  I happen know Dick and I presented him with 
some information about Clancy Hayes that related to Hoagy Carmichael. He was 
finishing work on his book about Hoagy at the time, just a few years ago.  
Dick wanted to use this information in his book but wanted to check it out.  
I was astounded at the lengths that he went to to make sure that this 
information was accurate and credible.  

     Make no mistake about it, Dick Sudhalter is the hardest working and the 
most meticulous researcher and jazz scholar that you will ever run into. And 
one of the best writers.  Altering something to make a more colorful story 
would be unthinkable to him, in my honest opinion.

     Incidentally , Dick Sudhalter's book on Hoagy, "Stardust Melody" was 
published last year.  It is a marvelous piece of work and the cover alone is 
worth the price.  

     Jim Beebe
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