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Title of the article "Where Do Mardi Gras Beads Come From"

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> Tom Woods asks about beads saying: we are not familiar with this "beads"
> thing.  Has it got anything to do with Doctor John and/or voodoo??
> Hi Tom & List mates:
> Mardi Gras beads are thrown to the crowd to by paraders, and by
> onlookers in the New Orleans celebration. The object is get as many
> strings of beads as you can.
> Throwers encourage the crowd to yell; "Hey mister throw me some beads".
> The shouters do better than the quiet ones. Also, lifting ones shirt to
> attract the bead throwers has also become quite common and bead throwers
> encourage it. Thus the "flashers" get more beads than the non flashers.
> So, we do that all the time in our presentations. We have different
> sizes of beads and give out the "Big Beads" to those who get into the
> act. We have fun, the crowd has fun, and we make good money playing
> jazz. It just doesn't get any better that that. For a look at Mardi Gras
> beads, see http://www.accentannex.com They are a prime supplier of Mardi
> Gras merchandise.
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> Steve Barbone
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