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> > Folks--
> >     Anybody besides us playing a Mardi Gras gig tonight anywhere?  What
tunes are you playing?  Do you throw beads?  Do you stay on stage, or do you
go into the audience?  What sends the crowd (i.e., any audience actually
outnumbering the band, without counting the staff) into a frenzy of stuffing
cash into your tip-jar?

Just in case this thread is still active -- we had a great one last night
(Mardi gras). We played our annual Mardi Gras party at Arris' Pizza where
we've played every Sunday night for three and a half years. Every year we do
a couple of special sessions on Mardi gras. The first group of guests came
in from 5:30 till 7:00 for food, fun, and music (not necessarily in the that
order). There were decorations and costumes and beads everywhere. (The
restaurant) had drawings for free t-shirts and gift certificates and
everyone had a ball. At 7:00 we played Saints and "marched" them out the
door, literally. The crew at Arris' then took 30 minutes to clean all the
tables and get ready for the second session. From 7:30 till 9:00 we did it
all again, this time with, of course, a new set of crazed jazz fans.

Arris' isn't huge but it holds about 120 or so and has been a great "home"
for us. A place to gel as a band, to make a lot of friends, develop a lot of
fans, and acquire a lot of other gigs. About a year ago the owners leased
the place next door (it's in a plaza), turned it into a "wine and
cheese"-type hangout, and built a big door between the two joints for Sunday
nights. Our crowd overflows and fills the second place too every Sunday and
it certainly did last night at Mardi gras. It's the sort of situation where
the crowd claps after solos and, often (when we deserve it), just erupts at
the end of a hot tune.What fun! By the way, for those who are interested,
this excitement is generated without a drummer (relates to another recent
thread on this list).

As far as tips goes, you guys make me feel lucky. In the last few years
we've seen a hundred dollar tip several times and, just this last Sunday,
were tipped $300 by one appreciative gentleman. Needless to say, we're
having a great time and trad jazz is alive and well in Springfield,
Missouri. We are indeed lucky. Of course, you know what they say -- the
harder I work, the luckier I get.

...but it's worth it.

The Creole Dixieland Jazz Band
"It's a treat to beat your feet"
Springfield, Missouri

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