[Dixielandjazz] Barbone Street CDs - Was Mardi Gras

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 5 20:28:03 PST 2003

>Jerry Gordon wrote:

>We drove 300 miles to hear Steve last night (among other reasons), and
>can confirm everything he has said about the fun his band has and how
>well they are received. They're well worth listening to, so if you ever

>get a chance, don't miss them!"

Thank you Jerry, Blush, Blush. (I'll send you the agreed upon fee right
away) ;-)

If anyone wants to hear us, be patient, we are mastering our first CD
now, A low key, one take, home studio affair. Cut 70 minutes worth, Jan
28, 2003, single takes, in about 80 minutes. Figure we're 4 weeks away
as my family is doing the graphics and most of the work etc in an effort
to keep total costs below $2500 for 1000 CDs.

A second CD, live from West Chester University Feb19, 2003, with female
singer, will also be mastered, It contains some "Mainstream" because
this was a modern jazz festival gig and this year's theme was "Women in
Jazz". We will master and produce this one as soon as I reach break even
on the first CD. A couple of the songs are the same, but the solo
portions are quite different so you can hear how we create jazz on the

The portion with the singer is completely unrehearsed because of a heavy
snowstorm several days prior which prevented it. We did not even know
what she was going to sing until 30 minutes before the curtain was
raised. And I was the only band member who had ever gigged with her, or
heard her, before this perfomance. Nobody read charts either. All from
memory or "ears". Now, that's jazz. (especially "Skylark")

We're leaving all the squeaks and clams in to make sure it really sounds
like us, rather than doctor it up as has become so common in record
producng these days.

These CDs are primarily for our fans who hear us live. They have been
demanding that we make them and we finally caved in. Originally we
thought "who needs another recording of Sweet Georgia Brown" etc.

Steve Barbone

PS. Last night at our evening Mardi Gras at Iron Hill Brewpub in Newark,
Jerry and Mrs. Gorden did indeed appear. They also saw one of our older
band fans, get bassist Ace Tesone to sign 2 LP album covers. One an LP
Ace did with the Jimmy Wisner trio and Mel Torme at the Red Hill Inn in
the 70s or so. Seems the fan was there at the time. When you record with
Torme, Charlie Ventura, or Clifford Brown, et al., somehow a Barbone
Street CD doesn't seem to be a priority.

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