[Dixielandjazz] WHY WE PLAY

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 3 21:32:34 PST 2003

Just in case anybody on the list wonders why jazz musicians play, dig
this. This gentlemen and his wife were at Sydney's Jazz Cafe in Rehoboth
Saturday at our Mardi gras Performance. He is a mover and shaker,
political, in Washington DC and sent me this a few minutes ago.

Steve Barbone

"Whoa Nellie, that was some spectacular music at Sidney's on Saturday
Y'all bring much honor to us OF's.

For many years, primarily 1950 to about 1962, I went to just about every

Stan Kenton gig within 100 miles of where I was at the time.  I grew up
Indiana, Pennsylvania and the closest place where Kenton played was a
ole barn like beer hall called Sunset, near Ebensburg, PA.  My Father
the Judge of Indiana County, a wonderful man, but very, very straight
and my
Mother was the daughter of a Missionary.  There was no drinking in our
family and listening to jazz at Sunset was not their idea of
but I managed to never miss a concert.  And, when I went, I just stood
the base of the bandstand and listened from the first note until the
while everyone else got plowed drinking quarts of beer.  Over the years,

Kenton got to know me and even knew my favorite numbers.  When I was in
college, a very strict Presbyterian college, Muskingum (Ohio) I
convinced a
young lady to sneak out of the dorm and go with me to a Kenton concert
Buckeye Lake near Columbus.  She was sure that I was full of BS when I
her I knew Kenton until we walked up to the bandstand between numbers
Kenton saw me coming and turned to the group and said, change the next
number to Peanut Vendor (was, and is, my favorite).  My date fainted!

You'd also be personally interested to know that my wife and I went to
of the last ever concerts of Benny Goodman here at Wolf Trap.

Anyhow, you guys made me very, very happy and I'm sure you do that for
others.  Please keep it up!

Now, down to business.  Our youngest daughter, Eileen ______________, is

getting married on the 31st of August (Sunday night of Labor Day
weekend) at
the Rehoboth Beach Country Club (in a tent).  Blair and her fiancé,
_______ LOVE music and LOVE to dance.....and so do all the invitees.
our eldest daughter got married, just about a year ago now in
DE, we had an 18 piece big band and they were super but Blair wants
different.  Can you tell me a little more about what you could put
in the way of a "blow the tent-top off" band with maybe a vocalist.  And
like to have approximate cost and obviously availability for August 31,
in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Thanks again to you and all your talented folks for the great sounds.
Keep-on blowin and givin folks some peace of mind that we all so
need.  Heaven is going to be nothing but music so it's nice to have a
quality preamble."

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