[Dixielandjazz] Mardi Gras at Sydney's Jazz Cafe, Rehoboth DE, USA

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 2 16:20:09 PST 2003

List mates:

Barbone Street played their annual Mardi Gras celebration at Sydney's
Jazz Cafe last night from 9 PM to 1 AM. But that's not the importance of
this post. What is important is that 8 members of the Potomac River Jazz
Club (PRJC Washington DC metro area) traveled 2+ hours to be there.

They ranged in age up to 81 and they had a good time amongst younger
Mardi Gras celebrants at Sydney's. And when the band played "Bourbon
Street Parade", they got up with parasols and paraded through the club
to the ovations of the "young" folks. It was a good time sight to behold
and it won them a basket of goodies prize, richly deserved. And they
listened and danced to New Orleans jazz, albeit some updated, all night.

The band had some problems in that the audio system at the club was
acting up, so tune titles, and band member bios had to be shouted out
acoustically, and even songs were sung (shouted) sans mike. The band
loved the opportunity to play unaided by electronics and we blew our
brains out to energize the crowd and ourselves.

Ms. Sydney Arzt (we love her dearly), the Potomac River Jazz Club
attendees, Bill Lee who is running for the Republican nomination for
Governor of Delaware in 2004, and a group of fans provided an atmosphere
that helps keep this music relevant. The PRJCers stayed overnight to
avoid that early morning drive back to DC. The Band? We had to go back
home to Philadelphia, also about 2 hours away because we had a lunch gig
there today. As we get older, band average 70, we seem to need less
sleep. Or is it the joy of jazz?

Thank you, PRJCers for going out of your way to be there. Lets do it
again. How about the weekend of August 1 and 2 when Sydney's and the
band will be celebrating Louis Armstrong's 102nd birthday. (B. Aug 4,
1901). But make reservations now because the both Club, and Rehoboth
Beach accommodations will be sold out well in advance.

And watch for Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival information, October 16
through the 19th. We hope to open the festivities and maybe do a few
other venues again at this "modern jazz" festival. Once again, reserve
early because both Sydney's and the motel/hotels will be sold out.

Dixieland / New Orleans Jazz lives.

Steve Barbone

PS. The noon performance of Barbone Street at the Berk's Jazz Festival
in Reading PA is sold out. But come anyway, and you can sit on the
bandstand. ;-)  March 26, 2003. Or try reserving tickets at the evening
performance with Dirty Dozen Brass Band. There may be a few seats left
at $30 a pop, and well worth it.

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