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Re: S'wonderfulHi Nancy:  I enjoy your posts... I mostly lurk, but occasionally have something inconsequential to say.  Yes Diana Krall is rather good, I particularly enjoy all her earlier albums and the "Live in Paris" disc.  If you liked "Look Of Love" can I recommend Carol Welsman, another great Canadian singer.  Her web site is http://www.carolwelsman.com/ and her album "Hold Me" would appeal to you I think.  Check it out.


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  I was trying to send this to you earlier but didn't have your e-mail:

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    I just listened to "'S Wonderful" on her "Live in Paris" CD (Verve 440
    065 109-2; track 9). It's an up-tempo, swinging number, anything but "a
    very slow, sexy bossa." As a matter of fact, she doesn't even sing it!
    It's strictly an instrumental version, with some very tasty piano by

    Maybe she does it differently on another CD?

  Oh yes! And it S'wonderful. I find myself singing it with her in my head all the time. Listen to her sing it on "The Look of Love" CD. A friend bought it for me recently, and I'm enjoying it. I just wish that she would stick to the melody a bit more on "I Get Along Without You..." because it's one of my favorite songs. Lots of bossa nova stuff, which I enjoy, but I'm half-Puerto Rican, so I prefer the Caribbean rhythms. 
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