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> If George W. Bush is prat enough to take the Americans to war and thereby 
> increase greatly the risk to every American citizen throughout the world 
> through Extremist Islamic terrorist attacks then that is his problem and he 
> will have to take the consequences of an escalated number of events on a 
> scale of what happened on September 11th. Unfortunately the slimeball we 
> have 
> as Prime Minister has his nose so far up GWB's backside that he is going to 
> drag us Brits into this sad escapade. I thought I would never say this but 
> the French, Germans and Russians are talking some sense for a change and 
> hopefully the other 'uncommitted' nations won't give in to the usual 
> American 
> tactics of bribery and threats.
> Jerry,
> Norwich,
> U.K.

   Jerry...President Bush, with our support, intends to eliminate the Moslem 
threat, once and for all and free the Arab people from this dark ages 
religion and their despotic rulers.  

   We note, gladly, the England finally got up off its ass and arrested some 
of the Islamic terrorists that have been openly recruiting, funding and 
promoting terrorism within Moslem Mosques there.   There have been alarming 
recent reports that huge amounts of money have been pouring into British 
Mosques from Arab countries to fund terrorism.

  Your prime minister, fortunately, has the wisdom to see that this was is an 
absolute necessity.  Your country should know full well the folly of 
appeasement and delay.

  Now , cut out the bullshit and get on board.

 respectfully, Jim Beebe

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