[Dixielandjazz] Jim Cullum Band and Grammys

Don Mopsick mophandl at landing.com
Wed Feb 26 15:06:59 PST 2003

Steve Barbone writes:

"Listen to Jim Cullum, whose band plays a little different book and whose
members make a living at it. Isn't he playing OKOM? Of course he is."

Thanks for the plug. Seriously, the JCJB has been on the air for 13 years,
is heard weekly by about 1 million people over 150 public radio staions, and
30,000 read the monthly newsletter, Jazz Me News. So, we're not exactly
unknown, but have never been Grammy-nominated.

In order to nominate, you must be a member of NARAS, which costs $50 a year.
I have first-hand experience of someone who shall remain nameless who paid a
bunch of guys $50 to join NARAS, so they could nominate and vote for his
album, which then won a Grammy that year!

I point this out to show you how utterly bogus the Grammy Award is. Still,
it would be nice to get one, so I could impress those who don't know that.

If someone did that paid-nomination thing for us, I would much prefer to be
nominated (and win) in the general jazz category, because to me "jazz" is
the most accurate word there is to describe the music of the JCJB, and
musically speaking, classic jazz in general can certainly hold its own
against any other flavor of jazz.

The endurance of Riverwalk on radio is proof that there is a market for
classic jazz. No one in the band ever thought we would last this long. Let
us give thanks.


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