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> I think this is a self-fulfilling prophecy kind of thing.  The general
> public tends to like what they are fed.  Remember the (albiet rather brief)
> popularity surge in swing after the commercial for jeans using swing music
> and jitter bug dancers?  So, if there were more notice given to what is out
> there being performed and recorded in OKOM, its popularity might rise and 
> if
> it rises then there would be more likelihood of it winning some kind of
> award.  As I said to someone recently, back in 1973, the New Black Eagles
> were nominated for a Grammy for their LP, "On the River".  I don't remember
> the category or why we have not seen more of OKOM since.  Perhaps the rules
> have changed.
> Ron L

   I don't know much about it but getting anything considered or nominated 
for a Grammy is a tricky and expensive business.  There is a select group of 
several hundred people in the business who collectively nominate recordings 
for awards.  They don't just pick anything they happen to like, they pick 
from what is submitted to them.  If you want your CD considered you will have 
to supply one to all fo these people.
And, really, only the major companies can afford to do this.

This is all that I know about it perhaps Bob Ringworm can expand upon this.

Jim Beebe
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