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Tue Feb 25 19:44:38 PST 2003

Maurice wrote:

>For years I've toyed with the idea of an interesting-name all-star band.

It's, of course, an interesting concept and, I'm sure any band made up of 
all star OKOM musicians would sound great.

There are also other "all-star" band concepts which we probably ought NOT to 
post on the DJML but you all know musicians here and there who would qualify 
for membership in these bands.

First there is the band comprised of the worst musicians you know but who, 
for some reason, are gigging prominently in some band somewhere.

Then there is the band comprised of musicians with the biggest egos. Do you 
know any egotistical trumpet men? Clarinetists? Etc.

Then how about a band made up of good (technically) musicians but who, due 
to some tragic genetic flaw, simply cannot swing.

And how about a band made up of musicians who tend to solo not only on their 
own chorus but also on everyone else's chorus.

The the guys who have no sense of dynamics and always play LOUDLY.

And the guys who love to drop beats in this or that measure and then add 
them back in on some other measure.

Or musicians who love to play the highest notes possible on their ax ALL OF 

Or musicians who think the essence of jazz is to play as many notes possible 
in the alloted time for a solo.

Or a band made up of odd instruments (kazoos, washboards, gutbuckets, 
spoons, bones, cowbells, ukuleles, stumpf fiddles, jugs, cigar box guitars, 

The list could go on, but I'll stop here.

But I must also add that our own self-image is often at odds with reality 
and we shouldn't be surprised if one of the above listed musician types is 
actually ourselves (not me, of course).

Respectfully submitted,

Bill "Waddaya mean, Dynamics? I'm playing as loud as I can!" Gunter
jazzboard at hotmail.com

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