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> Rob McCallum said :
> "I know Duke recorded the Peanut Vendor in the 20's, but I can't recall,
> offhand, how it sounded"
> Jim Beebe is right - Kenton's mindblowing recording of that tune cannot be
> bettered, even by the
> Duke (I have the big band chart of it somewhere).

   I will go so far as to say the Stan Kenton's 50s recording of the "Peanut 
Vendor" is one of the great jazz recordings of all time.  It certainly was 
the most popular number in Kenton's book.  Stan kept fiddling with it over 
the years and rerecorded it but the original was a true masterpiece.

   Having said this, Louis Armstrong's recording of this is a gem as well.
I havn't heard Duke's.
Jim Beebe
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