[Dixielandjazz] Blind Boone's Rag Medley No. 1

D and R Hardie darnhard at ozemail.com.au
Tue Feb 25 09:19:02 PST 2003

Dear Maurie,
Thanks for the information. Mike Meddings has a
copy of the original published version (ca 1908}
I'll certainly look up the one you mentioned if I
can find the Tichenor publication. Mike had  a
midi too he might send you if you want it. I
suppose it is from the piano roll.
Best wishes
Dan Hardie

Walker, Maurice wrote:

> >
> I am also interested in getting a score of Blind
> Boone's ragtime medley No 1 if you or anyone
> else
> on the djml knows of a source.
> regards
> Dan Hardie
> Check out the website:
> http://members.ozemail
> com.au/~darnhard/EarlyJazzHistory.html
> >
> Dan:
> This was published in Trebor Tichenor's Ragtime
> Rarities in 1975, along with
> Medley No. 2 and 61 other rags.
> See this link for a description, and for another
> link to Amazon where you
> can order it:
> http://www.perfessorbill.com/sources.htm
> HOWEVER.  Be forewarned that this is possibly
> the worst-transcribed piece of
> music I have ever seen.  There are wrong numbers
> of notes in several bars.
> There is at least one section where the bar
> lines are mis-located by a half
> bar.
> While I was still with the Queen City Jazz Band,
> Hank Troy and I wanted to
> arrange this for the QC Ragtime Ensemble (a
> subset of the full band).  We
> struggled with the published chart for the
> reasons above and more.  Finally,
> I was fortunate enough to make a tape of
> Trebor's own copy of the piano
> roll, which resolved most of the issues.  I must
> say the piano roll made me
> understand the contemporary descriptions of
> Boone's playing as "eccentric".
> Anyway, we finally hashed out an arrangement for
> piano, banjo, tuba, and
> drums that worked for us.  I've since worked out
> another version in the keys
> of G and C for three banjos and tuba, and then
> distilled that into a solo
> banjo version.
> All this should tell you that, even for all its
> difficulties, I have found
> this to be a good piece of music, and worth
> putting in the struggle.
> Maurie Walker
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