[Dixielandjazz] Latin influences in OKOM

Rob McCallum rakmccallum at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 24 14:28:20 PST 2003

Hello all,

I subbed with a salsa band the other night and it got me wondering about
Latin influences in OKOM.  To my thinking, most latin elements in jazz are
more characteristic of modern styles (I'm thinking of Machito, Dizzy and the
Cuban influence, the bossa craze etc.) but not very much comes to mind
regarding earlier styles.  I know Duke recorded the Peanut Vendor in the
20's, but I can't recall, offhand, how it sounded (I'll have to dig out the
record) and Juan Tizol injected some latin elements with tunes like Caravan
and Perdido.  Anyone care to comment?

All the best,
Rob McCallum

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