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Bob Romans inherited Tommy's Puje Trumpet.

Dan Augustine wrote:

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> >Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 15:48:17 +0000
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> >Hi all,
> >In answer to the question about jazz bands back in the 50s Rae Ann answers:
> >>How about the Cell Block 7, original Texas version, which had our DJML buddy
> >>Tommy Loy (may he rest in peace) on trumpet? . . .
> >And I'd also like to add that Tommy was also in the current version of the Cell Block 7. He played several festivals with the band including the Edinburgh Jazz Festival last fall. The earlier band in Texas was the inspiration for today's Cell Block 7.
> >Respectfully submitted,
> >Bill "Percussionist - Cell Block 7" Gunter
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> Bill and others--
>     Talking about Tommy got me to thinking about his 'Puje' trumpet (actually, i think he was on his second or third Puje).  Whatever happened to it?
>     And that in turn got me to thinking about the Puje trumpets, so i did a web-search and (this may be a big mistake) here's a website i found on what kind of trumpets (some of which i've never heard of) various players used:
> "Trumpet Artists' Personal Gear
> http://www.cozychops.com/ArticlesArtistsPersonalGear.htm
> 02.04.11 Horns played by some of the "brassy brutes," recording artists to semi-pro to serious amateurs. Data may not be current. Kindly email trumpet/mouthpiece updates to cozy at cozychops.com, including more precise info. <www.cozychops.com>. For new Jerome Callet or fine used gear, click Classifieds; click Horns or Mouthpieces.
> Maurice Andre will retire with a Stomvi, it appears.
> Louis "Pops Satchmo" Armstrong: 19A (small bore) Paris Selmer Balanced Action, including serial #1436, #8491, #11965, #20405, #24368. (Thanks to Ben Maugy.)
> Ruby Braff has played a DeNicola PUJE trumpet/cornet according to Mark Biegel, Puje` artist himself.
> Jon Eric Kellso plays a Bobby DeNicola Puje` trumpet/cornet according to Mark Biegel, Puje` artist himself.
> Winton Marsalis: Monettes
> Nicholas Payton: Conn New Vintage; was Calicchio for a short time.
> I enjoyed hearing Mike Vax at ITG '01: His own Yamaha line: 6335 HSMV; Yamaha 13A4a mouthpiece."
>     Didn't know Ruby Braff used a Puje (actually spelled 'Puj
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