[Dixielandjazz] Don Ingle on easy instruments

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Sun Feb 23 15:56:27 PST 2003

Don Ingle has had the effrontery to sugges that the trombone is the easiest 
instrument to play.  This statement is belied by the simple fact that there 
are so few good trombonists around.

Don, an excellent trumpet player, is also adept on the valve trombone and 
therein, possibly, lies the confusion.  Yes, a valve trombone is relatively 
easy to play but the slide trombone is another matter altogether.  Even 
thought they both use basically the same mouthpiece and embouchure, there is 
a world of difference in playing the two.  It takes a tremendous amount of 
practice and study to play the slide trombone decently.  

While there have been some notable players on the valve trombone, in the end, 
it is still a valve trombone and give and take technical execution, they all 
sound the same.  You cannot get the unique and suble tonal distinctions on 
valve trombone that you can get on the slide trombone.  Take Bill Harris and 
Jack Teagden for example.  Two completely different trombone sounds and 
styles.  You can't find anything comparable among the valve trombone crowd.

Lest anyone think that I may be biased let me say that I have nothing against 
the valve trombone...and let me add that I have nothing for it, either.

Teagardenly yours,

Jim Beebe

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