[Dixielandjazz] Easiest instrument - case in point

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Au contraire! Alan Vache told me the story first hand and Randy verified it.
As to the chops- believe me you don't gain those kinds of chops without some
serious woodshedding to be able to go back and forth -- trust me on this as
that is what I do and it ain't easy.
Then there is the matter of slide positions vs. valves. To reach the ability
he did in that short time was a matter of both ability, hours of hard-nosed
practice and few can do it in the amount of time that he had. So we are
talking about a real TALENT -- almost heaven granted ability  merged with
desire and hard effort. So as far as I am concerned this is  not your
average two horn, two mechanical reflex -- my friend Randy is a true genius
in what he accomplished.
Don Ingle
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> on 2/23/03 7:28 AM, Don Ingle at dingle at baldwin-net.com wrote:
> > That it took him just weeks to reach the status of player he had
> > still amazes me.
> Don, you are forgetting to count all the time he had already invested in
> acquiring brass chops in the beginning.  Believe me, he wouldn't have
> achieved this starting from scratch.
> Charlie
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