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> Try a trumpet straight mute or any trumpet mute at all in the bell of the 
> bone, and use a larger plunger with it.  See what happens

This is the way that people I know do it.  A straight mute, called a "Pixie" 
is made for
this purpose.  I have one for trumpet or cornet here in my hands.  It is a 
stonelined metal mute.  It says "Pixie Straight Mute - 'For Plunger Work'" 
This one was made by Humes and Berg Mfg.Co., East Chicago, Indiana.

Of course, you also employ some kind of plumbing devise called a plunger or a 
called a plunger that looks a lot like the former but has a finger ring on 
it.  The cheaper version works just fine.  Get a Pixie and a plunger and go 
to it.  Sorry to be
so late in posting but I was way behind in reading my email.

best wishes, 
just outside Chicago in Park Forest, IL
bobolink7736 at aol.com
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