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> I met Trummy in LA several times at jazz concerts, usually with tribute 
> bands to Louis.  Trummy was living in Hawaii at the time. I knew him to 
> shake his hand and I just felt good that he knew who I was.  He always 
> looked at least 30 years younger than he was and, based upon his physical 
> apperance,  I was amazed to learn that he was in his 70s when he died 
> around 1984.  

   Thanks for posting this, Dick for all to read.  You picked up on something 
that confused me about Trummy...he did look 30 years younger that he was.  
When Trummy first joined Louis He was just a distant name to me from the big 
band era.  So when I went to see him with Louis, here was this very young 
looking guy.  Also confusing was the fact that in some pictures he looked 
white or close to it.

   Trummy and Teagarden were both very different trombonists and both of them 
complimented Louis beautifully.

    Jim Beebe
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