[Dixielandjazz] How are your CD sales?

Richard Broadie richard.broadie at gte.net
Tue Feb 18 13:56:00 PST 2003

Hi DJMLers:  How are your CD sales?

Cincinnati Enquirer states:
A former crack dealer turned rapper whose debut CD shattered sales
records last week performs tonight an Over-The -Rhine club that police
have been trying to shut down because of violence. 
50 cent an Eminem protoge who brags that he has been shot nine times is a
national smash. His "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'' sold more than 872,000
copies in it's first four days of release.  Doors open at "The Next
Level" 12th street club at 9;00 PM.  The club has a capacity of 1,250. 
Tickets are $35.00.  It is presently a little after 9:00 AM and according
to the morning news a crowd is allready lining up outside the club. 
Police are increasing staffing expecting trouble.

Palm Springs Desert Sun states:
...Dick Broadie's excellent jazz quartet played for a party of 60 enthalled fans.
Joe Samperi's bass work was outstanding as was Loyd Herman's tenor sax
and Val Carroll's tasty druming.   Dick played much Basie like piano on this
outing.  A very good night for jazz.  This group should record a CD...  

Think my group could sell 872,000 copies if we record "Get Rich Or Die Tryin?"

Dreamin' in Palm Springs
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