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> on 2/15/03 5:41 PM, PLadd36932 at aol.com at PLadd36932 at aol.com wrote:
> > Pity we have no French on the list. Then I could needle you both at the 
> same
> > time.
> Oh, but we do!  My friend, Bill Thibeault, who writes an opinion at:
>     <OpinionColumn at webtv.net
> and is quite witty and erudite.  We all love to yell at him--and he yells
> back: no sissy, this guy!  I enjoy him.

   Charlie, Bill Thibeault is not on this list.  Bill writes a newspaper 
column out east and I corresponded with him about a column he wrote.  
Subsequently I inadvertently included a message of his and his address on a 
list message of mine.  As a result of this Bill has been swamped with mostly 
stupid haranguing emails from an assortment of fools and this hasn't let up.  
Please do not encourage any more mail to him by posting his address.  Now 
that you have he is sure to get another round of anti-French idiocy...most of 
which I agree with, of course.

Jim Beebe
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