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Jerry Ackerman jerryack at cableone.net
Sat Feb 15 19:09:34 PST 2003

Hi Gang;
I haveacquired  a CD of Lieut. James Reese Europe's 369th U S Infrantry " Hell Fighters" Band.
I am  'sure'  I will get plenty of reasons why I should not enjoy this music.
If not, I will be very disappointed in this very astute and learned group.
I am back on the list after a lengthy sabbatical during which time I left as a director of
 Dixieland Monterey and we re-located to the far eastern reaches of Oregon.
Anybody ever hear of Ontario, Oregon?
I  also became an honorary Boondocker.
Don't fight  over who is first to tell me how bad the music is.
All the best

Jerry & Karen  Ackerman
541 889-1969
275 Sears Drive
Ontario OR 97914
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