[Dixielandjazz] Ruby Braff & George Barnes.

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 15 12:11:50 PST 2003

Charlie Hull wrote:

> Thanks, Steve, for the remembrance of some wonderful chamber jazz.  It's
> hard to believe there was any tension between Barnes and Braff as you listen
> to their interplay on those quartet tracks;  the countermelodies, the
> chases.  Both were among the most lyrical of players.
> One of my saddest regrets is that I didn't make the hundred mile trip from
> Sacramento to San Francisco to hear Barnes before he died.

Yep, George Barnes is a keeper. For those who would like to see a neat
discography of his records, click on:
http://www.gould68.freeserve.co.uk/barnesgeo2.html  There are some interesting
songs, played with some interesting musicians from 1938 till his death. Perhaps
some songs that might be "new" material for some of us to play.

Wonder if George Barnes was less intense, he might have gotten a break like
Charlie Christian did with Goodman and he would be very famous today. As I hear
him, he was the superior player between the two as a soloist and it is a pity
that he is relatively obscure, except among guitarists.

I used to have the record of his called "Movin Easy". It has Barnes, Billy
Bauer on rhythm guitar; Hank D'Amico, clarinet; Jack Lesberg bass; and Cliff
Leeman, drums. Wish I had it now as D'Amico was a neighbor/mentor of mine in my
NYC days and introduced me Barnes as well as a whole lot of other players in
the 1950s. If anybody has it, I'd appreciate a tape of it to listen to again.
It is a Mercury LP MG 20605, 1959.

Steve Barbone

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