[Dixielandjazz] Ruby Braff dedux

Don Ingle dingle at baldwin-net.com
Sat Feb 15 08:04:48 PST 2003

Jim Beebe's fine report on Ruby Braff was great summary of his life and
playing. Thanks much for it, Jim.
I toss in these small recollections about the man. First -- he was motly
self-taught and arrived at his ability through his own efforts, and it
forced him to develop a style that was not linked so much on the formal
training but on intuitive understanding of what should be played. The result
was his unique, and often unmistakable "signiture" that told you at a listen
that it was Ruby.
In 1949 I was in NY after graduation from High School in California, and
went to a matinee of a broadway show thanks to tickets from my dad's agency;
and while time has fuzzed my memory of the title of the show, I do remember
that it featured the off-stage jazz trumpet of Ruby Braff. As I sat in the
theater and heard his sound I said..."wow... Louis." But then as I listened
it became clear that while the player certainly had listened well to
Armstrong, there was a clear overlay of his own peronality being heard. I
may not rememember much else about the show but it was my first and a
lasting introduction to Ruby Braff.  It has been a great ride -- but while
it is over, the legacy of his playing is there on recordings to remind us
what a great trip is was.
Don Ingle (tired of the 17th night of sub zero temperatures F.in a row) who
is digging for some Braff sides this week.

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