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Fri Feb 14 17:09:21 PST 2003

Dan Augustine asked:

>     Have you (or has any band) ever done that with two dixieland-tunes 
>(playing, not singing)?

Oh yes. When we were a lot younger, about 35 years ago, our band (The 
Boondockers) played in a few joints and one of our bits of schtick was to do 
exactly that. We'd get into a mock argument about what we wanted to play 
next. One guy wanted to do "Tiger Rag," another wanted to do "Bill Bailey" 
and yet another wanted to do "Around the World" (I searched for you) and so 
on (all songs that used the Bill Bailey progression). We mock resolved the 
mock argument by doing a chorus or two of all of 'em at the same time.

We thought we were being awfully clever, but, as I recall, it really sounded 
like shit!!

Respectfully submitted,

Bill "One song at a time, please" Gunter
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