[Dixielandjazz] language usage - "sprung"

Charlie Hooks charliehooks at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 13 09:31:27 PST 2003

on 2/13/03 1:10 AM, Bill Gunter at jazzboard at hotmail.com wrote:

> To present or disclose unexpectedly or suddenly: "He
> sprung on the world this novel approach to political journalism" (Curtis
> Wilkie).

Bill, this usage is sick.  Surely you know better than that.  Dictionaries
list usage, not propriety.  You can doubtless find listings of "ain't" as
quite proper usage, since many people "use" the word.

You (and Curtis Wilkie) want to misuse the simple past tense of the verb--
go ahead!  Have fun!  But I will know that the usage signals ignorance, not
superior knowledge.  Sometimes willful ignorance.

screw dictionaries and their makers,


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