[Dixielandjazz] Paucity of Money

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 12 19:13:58 PST 2003

Bob William's comment on the paucity of money as a possible reason for a
band demise prompts me to post this promotional piece. It is part of a
concert review from the Tri State Jazz Society, current issue of their
Newsletter, about an end of year concert. (PA, NJ, DE - USA)

"The Brooklyn American Legion Hall was the place to be with the Barbone
Street Jazz Band providing the musical fireworks, and as an added
attraction, dancing provided by Katherine Wohlsen, Paul Salter, Lindsay
Simone, Nicole Simone, Marty Albion, Eric Heitzman and Ken Frauwirth."

"The band swung (swang?) mightily" . . . . . . etc., etc.,  modesty
learned from the world's most modest man prevents further quoting about
it, and two long, self aggrandizing paragraphs are omitted while we cut
to the chase.

"To add to the party, a demonstration of jitterbug dancing, was
performed by Katherine Wohlsen, Paul Salter, Lindsay Simone, Nicole
Simone, Marty Albion, Eric Heitzman, and Ken Frauwirth on several of the
band's numbers. The group danced a combination of the Lindy Hop, The
Balboa and the Collegiate Shag. Their dancing was infectious as many of
the TSJS members joined in the fun."

Two more paragraphs of band accolades omitted.

"The day ended with "Sweet Georgia Brown" concluding a wonderful
afternoon with the Barbone Street Jazz Band ."

Bottom line is that swing dancers add immeasurably to a "Dixieland"
performance in a setting with older audiences. They bring back memories
of suppleness, love and fun to the audience and evoke lively discussions
of the merits of the Lindy vs. The Shag or the Balboa, etc. And if you
band leaders promote it, you will get old folks asking the kids to dance
and that is a wonderful thing to see. The kids are full of questions
about this kind of dancing. "What was it like?" The Savoy? Roseland? The
Avalon? etc. Who better to tell them than the older folks in the
audience? Pass the music and the dancing on. And make money at it.

Budgets may be tight, but I am finding it easier and easier to add
dancers to Jazz Festivals, Retirement Communities, private parties and
other venues while paying them a decent wage. Best of all, for those of
you who have seen my jpgs of young crowds and good looking young
dancers, it is a treat to gig with them. They will also follow you
around on club dates.

As the saying goes: "It just doesn't get any better than that."

Steve Barbone

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