[Dixielandjazz] Insular

Bill Haesler bhaesler at nsw.bigpond.net.au
Tue Feb 11 20:27:29 PST 2003

Dear mates,
I may be on shaky ground here, but......
In the last 10 days I have seen:
'Bowling for Columbine'.
'The Gangs of New York'
and (today)
'Standing In The Shadows of Motown'.
All about the US of A.
'Bowling for Columbine' should be required viewing for everyone - worldwide.
"Gangs of NY" (set in the 1860s) contains murder, mayhem, gratuitous violence,
lustful sex, racism, bigotry and extremely unlikeable characters (everyone of
All served up as patriotic 'Birth of a Nation' crap, filmed on an outrageously
ugly indoor sound stage (in Italy!). 
And, no doubt, will receive lots of (undeserved) Oscars.
"Look out there Bill!".   Duck!
'Standing In The Shadows of Motown' (which to my knowledge) no DJMLers have
mentioned, is a celebration of M.U.S.I.C (apart from a minor, but significant,
reference to Vietnam and the bloody riots in Detroit).
This superb documentary is not about OKOM, but reveals a lot about the exciting
music provided by (until now) anonymous professional studio jazz musicians. With
a swing and beat we would (should) die for.
A great film, with stories from the studios and tours the likes of which Messrs
Hooks, Ingle, Beebe, Ringwald, Barbone, et al would relate to.
It has obviously been put together by people who understand what their music was
all about.
Why can't OUR documenters forget themselves and get past talking heads, funny
hats and minimal, interrupted, music sequences?
The producers of 'Standing In The Shadows of Mowtown' did.
It is a mad world at this moment, and my thoughts are with our mate Elazar, over
there, spreading a jazz message of hope.
May common sense yet prevail.
Kind regards,

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