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Tom Wood zenith at ans.com.au
Tue Feb 11 19:57:54 PST 2003

Steve Barbone wrote:
And it is also growing for the followers of "Norway" modern jazz, ......... 

Steve, I take on board your comments but would like to advise that Norway's largest International Jazz Festival is in Haugesund, Norway.  Sildajazz is very much a Tradjazz festival and basically OKOM.  The festival in Oslo is smaller and heavily into modern jazz.  Sydney-Zenith played Haugusund last year for the second time, its a fantastic place on the water where the whole town is in Mardi Gras mode with boats tied five abreast along the quay front.  Whilst at 2000 Sildajazz Festival we saw Freddy Lonzo (tb), Frank Jackson (s), Tom Baker (t), Joe Muranyi (cl), John "Bucky" Pizzarelli (ag), Ernest Elly (d) and Arwell Shaw (sb) with Lars Edegren (p).   We also caught up again with Lillian Boutte in Norway, she and her husband did a gospel service with us in Edinburgh the week before.

Cheers and beers
Tom Wood

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