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Dear Judy,

UK Singer Beryl Brydon (SP) since sadly, no longer with us, played a
minature washboard between them.  She had the washboard on a small chain
round her neck, a large lady, so to speak, at the 50th Australian convention
in Melbourne a few years back in 1996.

The latest Australian information (which is now probably old) I have on
Carol Leigh is that she sang with our group at the Southern Highlands
classic and ragtime festival at Bowral on Sunday November 15, 1998.

Tom Wood
zenith at ans.com.au

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> << > Bill "I wonder how I can mute the washboard?" Gunter >>
> It was easier for me. I wore mine on my chest and I have rather large
> When I wanted it muted I just pushed harder with them. LOL
> Hugs
> Judie
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